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A comprehensive study of every aspect of ivory, including animals from which ivory has been derived, their habitat, their conservation status today, and the uses specific to their ivory. The identification of the different types of ivory is dealt with in depth, as are its imitations, and the multitude of ways it has been worked and used—from carving and marquetry to the manufacture of black paint—and the methods employed. The problems of caring for, testing, and determining the age and authenticity of ivory are also covered. Ivory has been held in the highest esteem for many millennia and a section of this book is devoted to the global history of ivory worldwide, from the myths and beliefs held by prehistoric man, through its utilitarian uses in the Arctic and beautiful carvings in Gothic-era Europe, to its connections to wars, the slave trade, and religion. Written in an easily accessible style which includes quirky facts as well as scientific ones, with a wealth of fascinating photographs, this is much more than just a reference book—it is the whole story.

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